Latest news

Latest news

February 14: Valentine’s Day on Forgamer

Dear Forgamers, Valentine’s Day, a holiday when we cherish our loved ones, is here! Whether you’ve already found your special someone or still searching, we would like to share our joy and happiness with you. Log into your Forgamer account today and receive a 20% bonus to your payments!

February 4: New Events in Legend Knight

Greetings, legendary warriors! It’s time for our weekly review of the in-game events. Read the descriptions and log into the Legend Knight to check them out!

February 1: Great Pirate Updates

Hello, friends! We are starting the last month of this winter with a bunch of updated events in Great Pirate. Hurry up, don’t miss them out!

January 28: Legend Knight Updates

Hello, friends! As you’ve probably noticed, the Legend Knight servers are working at their full capacity now. Log into the game and enjoy this week’s events. Also, don’t forget about Forgamer Anniversary activities that are happening this weekend!

January 28: Forgamer Anniversary

Dear Forgamers! This week marks a special milestone in the history of our gaming platform. Forgamer turns 1 year old. Celebrate this wonderful event with us and enjoy a bunch of new features!