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November 25: Black Friday on Forgamer

Hello there, Forgamers! It seems that Black Friday deals are everywhere, so why not get some additional value on your favorite gaming website? As a part of this year’s Black Friday promotion, our players will get 30% bonus for their payments. Don’t miss out!

November 23: Event Update in Great Pirate

Greetings, Pirates! How are your Thanksgiving preparations going? Hope that you’ve got everything under control. In the meantime, why not check out event updates in your favorite maritime game?

November 19: Thanksgiving and Other Events in Legend Knight

Dear Forgamers, Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. And while it is important to celebrate it with your friends and family, don’t forget to log into your favorite game and check out what we’ve prepared for you.

November 9: Event Update in Great Pirate

Good day to you, fellow pirates! This week, apart from the usual event updates, there are some changes in Great Pirate. Log into the game to check them out!

November 4: Event Update in Legend Knight

Greetings, friends! This year’s Halloween has been a blast. But the time has come to move on. This week, check out updates for our in-game events and don’t miss your chance to claim high-value items!

November 3: Event Update in Great Pirate

Hi there, Forgamers! The autumn season might be cold and rainy, but here, in Great Pirate, players can always enjoy the sunshine and warm breeze. Let’s fight the autumn gloom with some exciting in-game events!