November 6: New Events and Updates in Let’s Fish

Hey anglers, how’s your catch today? Are you ready for new fishing challenges? Check out this week’s events and earn fishing gear and bonus items!

Level up quickly using Double Experience Bonus, complete the quests all week long during the Fishing Paradise Challenge, participate in a quick 3-day Fish Souvenir Event, and don’t forget about Weekend Championship!

Double Experience Points

November 6

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to level up. Log into the game on Monday and participate in all sorts of activities to earn twice as much Exp!

Fishing Paradise

November 6–12

During this weekly event, participate in daily quests to receive Prestige Points, as well as all sorts of useful items, including Double Experience Bonus, exclusive bait and gear, and loads of other stuff!

Remember that there are different quests available during each day of the week.

Here are your Monday goals:

  • Catch 5 Aimaras bigger than 4 kg with a Float Rod at Parana fishery;
  • Catch 5 Gizzard shads bigger than 12 kg with a Spin Fishing Rod at Titicaca fishery;
  • Catch 5 Aristoteles’s Catfish bigger than 12 kg with a Spin Fishing Rod at Nile fishery.

Each quest will give you 25 points. You will also get additional 25 points for completing all three daily quests.

Fish Souvenir

November 10–12

Fishing is an enjoyable activity, and you can say that a good catch is as valuable as any gift you may bring from your adventures.

During this challenge, complete daily quests, earn Prestige Points, and claim your rewards!

Weekend Championship

November 11–12

This week’s championship will take place at the following fisheries:

  • Sturgeon Land;
  • Enclave Island.

Grab your angling get and prepare for the competition!

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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