February 20: Black Sails Launch on Forgamer

Hi there, Forgamers! Today we are launching Black Sails — a new maritime RPG about pirate adventures. Check the game out and participate in the Arena Challenge!

Black Sails is our newest browser RPG that explores the stories of brave sea dogs and dangerous voyages. Set your sails to distant lands, discover hidden coves, and search for treasures. Meet tavern patrons, complete quests, and master professions. Compete against other players, join guilds, and challenge powerful bosses together.

It’s time to claim the pirate booty!  

Arena Challenge

February 20 — March 6

To make the first two weeks even more exciting, we are launching the Arena Challenge. During this event, level up your character and fight other players in the Arena. Your goal is to earn PvP points and make your way to the top of the League Rating. Once the challenge is over, Top-10 League Players will receive valuable prizes.

Challenge Rules

  • This contest runs from February 20 to March 6;
  • The rewards are reserved for players who’ve managed to get into the Top-10 League Rating;
  • We will determine the winners using the League Rating screenshot that will be taken on March 6, at 11:59 PM (PST);
  • The names of the winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 7, 2017;
  • Forgamer team reserves the right to make final decisions in controversial cases.

Reward List

  • Top rated player — 3 000 Rubies;
  • Top 2 player — 2 000 Rubies;
  • Top 3 player — 1 000 Rubies;
  • Top 4–10 players — 500 Rubies.
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