Black sails

Black sails

Black Sails is a free browser action-RPG set in the world of treacherous pirates and glorious battles. Hop on a maritime journey full of adventures, mysteries, and endless opportunities! 
Explore the world of Black Sails — join the Pirate Brotherhood, travel to the distant islands, gather a team of fearless fighters, and earn your fair share of gold! Challenge other players in the Arena, make new friends and prove that you are worthy. 

A chance for the new life 

Sometimes new opportunities arise from the desperate situations. Destined to the life of slavery, you manage to escape the prison ship during the storm. After a ruthless struggle with the elements, you find yourself at the island where nobody cares about your past. 

Is it a chance to start your life from scratch? Maybe, but be warned that this land is no place for the weak. Earn the trust of the locals by helping them fend off bandits and thieves. Fight on the Arena to showcase your skills and gain authority. Set your sails to other islands and become a living pirate legend!

Survival of the fittest 

In this pirate-themed online RPG, you get to decide how to level up your character. There are four base skills in the game:

  • Dexterity — This is the most important skill for close quarter combat. Level it up if you prefer using daggers, swords, and rapiers;
  • Perception — Want to shoot your enemies down from afar? Improve this skill to become a master marksman;
  • Endurance — The more points you invest here, the more health points your character will get;
  • Charge — Do you like to eliminate your opponents with a series of deadly strokes? Think about allocating your skill points here. 

Those skills are vital to your success but don’t forget about weapon proficiency. Whether you are planning to use swords, firearms, shields, or any other type of weapon, keep in mind that you will gain mastery only by using them!

A life of adventure

Tired of fighting? Don’t worry, Black Sails offers you tons of activities to participate in. Explore the distant islands and visit bustling cities, drop by taverns and complete quests. Or maybe you are interested in treasure search? Try it, this world is yours to discover!

Don’t like to play solo? In Black Sails, you can also join guilds, fight against powerful World Bosses, help your friends, and challenge other players in fighting competitions. 
What are you waiting for? It’s time to start the adventure!

Game features

  • Colorful graphics and engaging storyline;
  • Quests and professions; 
  • Guilds and World Bosses;
  • Arena Battles.
Latest news
February 20: Black Sails Launch on Forgamer

Hi there, Forgamers! Today we are launching Black Sails — a new maritime RPG about pirate adventures. Check the game out and participate in the Arena Challenge!

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Cool game, I always dreamed of becoming a pirate!!!