February 1: Great Pirate Updates

Hello, friends! We are starting the last month of this winter with a bunch of updated events in Great Pirate. Hurry up, don’t miss them out!

Collect the Lucky Charms during in-game activities, smash the Golden Eggs to get prizes, gather resources to become the Ultimate Tycoon, recharge Diamonds to earn a fantastic rebate, and don’t forget about other exciting activities!

Lucky Charm

February 1–14

The Lucky Charm competition is live! During this event, players will get Charms for completing various in-game quests and activities:

  • Consume one Diamond — Lucky Charms (x3);
  • Spin the Normal Wheel — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Spin the Advance Wheel — Lucky Charms (x50);
  • Win the battle at the Honor Isle (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Join the Cross-Server Battle (3 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x30);
  • Complete the Wanted Quest (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x3);
  • Challenge other players in the Arena (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x2);
  • Participate in the Abyss Island Quest (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Join the Camp Battle— Lucky Charms (x30).

Once you’ve collected enough of the Charms, visit the Charm Shop and purchase exclusive gear, including Gold Captain Cards, items from the Neptunus Set, Legendary Pets, and loads of other goods!

Don’t forget that on February 15, after the conclusion of this event, the highest-ranking players will get additional prizes.

Smash the Egg

February 1–7

The Egg Smashing is back! During this activity, you will get to smash the Golden Eggs and receive rewards for that! Don’t forget that we will grant you two free attempts every day.

Crack at least 10 Eggs to claim a surprise gift!

What about rewards? This time we have a lot of valuable items in the prize pool, including Iron Hearts, X Armor Fragments, Golden Heroes, powerful Statues, and much more.


February 1–7

So, you think that you can become a resource magnate? Let’s find out! During the Tycoon event, collect the points for gathering in-game resources and items from the following categories:

  • Overall;
  • Gold;
  • Crystal;
  • Diamond;
  • Obsidian;
  • Astrology;
  • Voyage soul.

There are two types of rewards available for the players.

Daily Point Rewards are distributed every day before 11:55 (PST). Don’t forget to claim them after collecting the required number of points!

There are also Ranked Prizes for players who’ve managed to earn the most points during the whole event. These rewards will be given away on February 8, per player’s rank.

Note that even unranked players are entitled to some rewards, so don’t forget to visit the event panel!


February 1–7

Have you missed the Ascend event? Well, it’s time for summit conquering once again!

The rules of this mini-game are quite simple. Players will climb the floors and get tasty goodies on their way up. Reach the summit for a chance to obtain level 11 Gem or Titan Crystal, Christmas Attack Ship, Heracles Statue, or Edward Kenway Golden Captain Card!

Climbing costs Diamonds, but you will receive one free attempt every day.

On February 8, after this event ends, our top-ranking pirates will be able to claim superb bonus rewards (climb at least 16 floors to get into the ranking).

Fortune Lotto

February 1–7

Feeling fortunate? Try spinning our wheel! During this event, players will be able to spin the wheel for free 3 times per day! You will get minor prizes for the first two attempts, as well as a high-value reward on the third spin. Remember that you need to recharge Diamonds to get the rare prize.

Join the Fortune Lotto for a chance to get Diamonds, Star Stones, Obsidian, and much more!

Joyous Day

February 1–7

The Joyous Day activity is back! During this event, players will draw cards to claim nice items from the prize pool.

Let’s review the rules:

  • At the beginning of each round, there are nine cards on the table. Players may pick one or three cards to get the prizes;
  • Drawing one card costs 25 Diamonds, buy you can choose to pick three for 60 Diamonds;
  • You will get double rewards after drawing the cards 49 times;
  • Each card you draw will give you 35 points. After the event ends, players with the highest number of points will get ranking rewards. Remember that you need to collect at least 1 800 points to get into the ranking.

Weekly Recharge

February 1–7

This week, players will get exceptional rewards for purchasing Diamonds!

Use this opportunity to receive additional value for your recharging activities. Remember that the prizes, as well as the recharge requirement, are different for each day of the week.

Today you may recharge 2 550 Diamonds to get these items:

  • Gordon Archimonde Gold Captain Card;
  • Level 10 Random Double Attributes Crystal Bag (S);
  • Christmas Crystal Fragment (x200);
  • Rare Astral EXP Bag (x100);
  • Captain Skill Book (x300).

Not the items you were looking for? Don’t worry, visit the event panel the next day for different rewards!

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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