January 25: New Events in Great Pirate

Hello, pirates! Another week has passed, and you know what it means. A new wave of Great Pirate events is online! Log into the game and participate!

Build the Snowmen to claim valuable items, participate in the Group Buy to get significant reductions, purchase Diamonds during the Cupid, Continuous Recharge, and Nami’s Gift events, and don’t forget about Anniversary and Beauty’s Gift!

Mister Snowman

January 25–31

Mister Snowman brings presents for everyone!

During this event, players will build Snowmen to collect as many points as possible. Every day you will get two free attempts. After that, it will cost Diamonds to continue:

  • 4 Diamond Snowman — 8–12 Event Points;
  • 35 Diamond Snowman — 105–125 Event Points.

Each time you build a Snowman, you will receive a random reward. You will also get the Personal Points Reward for collecting the required number of points.

You could also claim additional prizes once the number of Points earned by all the players on the server reaches the specified amount.

This time you may get Christmas Ship, items from the X Set, as well as tons of in-game resources!

Beauty’s Gift

January 25–31

Have you missed our girl Beauty? Well, she is here once again! Visit her shop and check out awesome goods on offer!

Let’s see what we can purchase this week:

  • First purchase (free) — Blue Star Stone (x2);
  • Second purchase (11 Diamonds) — Golden Soul (x15);
  • Third purchase (21 Diamonds) — Captain Skill Book (x40);
  • Fourth purchase (39 Diamonds) — Obsidian (x60);
  • Fifth purchase (63 Diamonds) — Rare Astral EXP Bag (x2);
  • 6th purchase (91 Diamonds) — Level 7 Random Double Attributes Crystal Bag S;
  • 7th purchase (128 Diamonds) — Level 40 Olympic Guardrail;
  • 8th purchase (169 Diamonds) — Pet Rare Skill Chest (x2);
  • 9th purchase (210 Diamonds) — Large Captain Soul (x150);
  • 10th purchase (263 Diamonds) — Pink Astrology Card;
  • 11th purchase (315 Diamonds) — Level 8 Random Double Attributes Gem Bag S;
  • 12th purchase (375 Diamonds) — Level 40 X Figurehead.

Remember that the next item becomes available for buying after you’ve obtained the previous one.


January 25–31

Our Anniversary event consists of several different activities.

Daily Prize

Go to the event panel every day to claim your Daily Login Reward! Players may get 1, 3, 10, or 100 Commemorative Coins. And yes, it’s completely free!

Deluxe Wheel

Use your Commemorative Coins to spin the Wheel! There are a lot of exclusive items in the prize pool, including Christmas Gem and Crystal Fragments, Beta Shuttle Avatar, high-level Gems and Crystals, and much more!

You need to collect 100 Coins to spin the Wheel once.

Remember that apart from Daily Prize, you can also get Commemorative Coins for recharging Diamonds (one Coin for every 10 Diamonds).

Memorial Shop

Don’t want to test you luck playing the Wheel? You can also exchange Coins and other items in our Memorial Shop!

Use this opportunity to purchase powerful Titan Gems and Crystals, items from the Olympic Set, Balthasar statue, and other goodies.

Group Buy

January 25–31

Looking for discounts and free Diamonds. Search no further, the Group Buy event is here!

Check out the offer of this week:

  • 30-Day VIP Card — 40 Diamonds (original price — 79);
  • X Armor Fragment (x20) — 250 Diamonds (original price — 1 000);
  • Iron Heart (x30) — 500 Diamonds (original price — 1 500);
  • Combination Stone (x100) — 100 Diamonds (original price — 500);
  • Golden Soul (x25) — 160 Diamonds (original price — 250);
  • Rare Astral EXP Bag (x2) — 160 Diamonds (original price — 200);
  • Obsidian (x200) — 250 Diamonds (original price — 2 000);
  • Captain Skill Book (x100) — 250 Diamonds (original price — 1 000);
  • Missouri Avatar — 800 Diamonds (original price — 1 500).

All the items can be purchased in unlimited quantities. However, the more of them are bought, the more free Diamonds you could get!


January 25–31

The Cupid is ready to give you a blessing! During this event, players may recharge the required amount of Diamonds to receive Blessing Attempts. After that, you Attempts can be used to obtain free Diamonds!

Remember that you need to purchase any amount of Diamonds to unlock this event. The remaining Blessing Attempts won’t be reset during the event period, so players may use them anytime they wish.

And don’t forget that the Diamonds used in the Cupid will not be counted in other events.

Continuous Recharge

January 25 – February 5

During this recharging activity, players will get superb prizes for purchasing Diamonds several days in a row.

Here are the rules:

  • Choose a number of Diamonds you wish to purchase;
  • Get various amounts of Christmas Crystal Fragments, Medium Flag Chests, and high-level Crystals instantly;
  • Complete the activity 3, 6, or 9 days in a row to get Reward Chests.

Remember, the more Diamonds you recharge every day, the more prizes you will get.

Nami’s Gift

January 25–31

Welcome to the Nami’s Gift! During this activity, players may obtain extraordinary goodies for purchasing Diamonds. Here’s the list of items you could get this week:

  • Single recharge of 49 Diamonds — Recharge Chest I;
  • Single recharge of 799 Diamonds — Level 30 Olympic Deck;
  • Single recharge of 1799 Diamonds — Heracles Statue;
  • Single recharge of 2999 Diamonds — Gordon Archimonde Golden Captain Card.

Once you’ve completed all the recharges, you could also claim highly sought after Recharge Chest S that contains these prizes:

  • Level 11 Titan Gem;
  • Pink Astrology Card (x2);
  • Captain Skill Book (x100);
  • Obsidian (x200);
  • Rare Astral EXP Bag (x10).

Don’t forget that the required amount of Diamonds has to be acquired during a single recharge.

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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