European Wars

European Wars

European wars is a global turn-based strategy game set in the middle of World War II. In this free browser game, you get to turn the tide of the battle by becoming a general, who leads his soldiers through merciless battles in the sky, land and sea. Follow a historical campaign and enjoy an exciting storyline.  Capture new territories, liberate cities, invest in industrial development, and fight with other players. This is your chance to rewrite history!

Your army 

Becoming a successful army commander requires a delicate balance and making smart decisions. Arrange your troops and prepare your battle plan before the fighting begins. In this turn-based strategy game you are in charge of 5 different types of army forces:

  • Infantry 
  • Aircraft fleet
  • Armored vehicles 
  • Navy 
  • Defensive structures 

There are over 135 army units in European Wars game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to create a perfectly balanced force for every encounter. 


Building and maintaining your army requires a lot of resources and you need to fight the enemy and liberate cities to obtain them. Captured cities allow you to produce 2 types of resources — tons and money. You will be able to create an army powerful enough to defend the borders of your realm by investing in plants, factories, markets, banks and other infrastructure.

Scientific research 

Every good general should know that science can play a vital role in military success. You can make your units stronger by using scientific research. By investing in upgrades, you can make your soldiers more resilient, improve the armor for your tanks, and design new powerful engines for your naval and aerial units. 

Your cities will benefit from fortification upgrades and that will help you hold your own against other players.  

European Wars key features:

  • Simple UI and colorful graphics 
  • Three sides of the conflict — USSR, Germany, and the Allies 
  • 135 historical units of World War II era 
  • City capture and development 
  • Single-player campaign 
  • PvP battles and tournaments 
  • Play European Wars now and become the greatest general of World War II!
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