Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy

Battle for the Galaxy is a real-time sci-fi strategy game full of space armies, mech battles and intergalactic wars. Take control of the military base on a remote planet, build up and create an army of robots to defend it.

Combine dozens of troops and land your army on enemy bases. Challenge the players in massive world tournaments. Gather allies, lead your corporation and command the strongest army in the galaxy!

New home

In need of resources, humanity conquered new frontiers, devastating worlds, until a single untouched planet remained. Corporations unleashed their armies to seize control of this planet. You will start your journey here. 

Manage your military base, build spaceports and factories to produce heavy vehicles, extract titanium and energy. In two hours first uninvited guests will want to seize resources from your storage facilities, so build walls, place Tesla towers and strengthen the defenses.

Use terraforming and turn your base into a paradise or a lifeless red planet. Arrange each part of the wall, hide vaults in the depths of the base and place traps for your enemies.

Atomic cavalry

Gather resources to train Space Marines and storm the bases of your nearest neighbors to get some loot. 

There more than 10 different troops available in your barracks, so study their features and tactics to win every battle. For example, use assault aircrafts for distraction and than flank the enemy troops with mechs and tanks.

Test the strength of enemy walls with self-propelled mines and turn enemy base into ashes with your flying fortresses. Obtain rare technologies, alloys, protective screens and equip the army with the strongest weapons.

Fight in tournaments, go to the big leagues and earn antimatter. This is a super valuable resource that will get you the best troops in the galaxy, including the giant robot "Zeta Technotron" and elite space marines from the "Shell" squadron.

War of the corporations

Unite with other players in a corporation and unlock secret technologies that will increase resource extraction and strengthen the army. Declare a war on competitors and burn enemy bases in joint raids.


  • Spectacular battles in real time;
  • Complete control over the base with dozens of buildings;
  • Over 10 types of troops and thousands of combinations;
  • Terraforming;
  • Tournaments, leagues, and wars of corporations.
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cool game!