The Middle Ages, a time of great discoveries, mighty armies, savage battles and magnificent kingdoms. In a vast historical world , this MMO strategy game will let you:

  • Expand your cities and build new ones
  • Train warriors and assemble armies 
  • Conquer distant lands and defend your borders
  • Hire and train heroes 
  • Trade with other players or indulge in pillage 

Different worlds — different rules 

Each server in 1100AD can have its own set of rules, gameplay features or historical settings. Join the conquest of North and South America, explore new lands and search for lost cities. Become a crusader and fight for influence in the Mediterranean. Search for the Holy Grail as a knight of the Round Table. Participate in the battles for Bohemia, Aragon, Livonia and other Medieval kingdoms. Whether you prefer historically accurate gameplay or fictional narrative —1100AD has you covered.

Building a city 

City development and resource gathering play a vital role in this strategy game. Build sawmills and quarries to boost your resource production and upgrade your storehouse to increase its capacity.Don't forget about your farms that provide you with supplies and military buildings to train your soldiers. The world is a dangerous place, so building a wall around your city is a good idea.

Creating an army 

Even if the conquest is not your first priority, having an army is essential for your survival. Besides hostile kingdoms; thieves, marauders and even wild wolves pose a threat to your safety. Constructing and upgrading military buildings like barracks and stables will allow you to hire soldiers. Create as many troops as you need to defend your lands. The effectiveness of your army depends on the commander. Recruit a hero in the castle and let him lead your troops. Each hero has a set of skills that increase the power of your army even further. 

Going on an adventure 

When you feel that your army is strong enough, try exploring the surroundings. Protect your citizens against wild beasts lurking in the woods or defeat the bands of marauders that ravage the land. 
After gaining some experience, you will be ready to interact with other players. But remember that a war isn't your only option. Use the power of persuasion to form alliances and sign agreements for favorable conditions. Trade with your neighbors to get the resources you need. 

Rule wisely, maintain the balance and don't forget to show your strength when it is needed! Play 1100AD now!

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January 22: Announcing 1100AD

Introducing 1100AD — a real-time browser strategy game set in Medieval times. Play for free on Forgamer!

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Hello friends , I play a couple years Bohemia and learn every day. I hope to find here more answers of my questions,because the manual give not enough .. Greeting Phil
I like this game
Hardcore as hell!