Omega Zodiac

Omega Zodiac

Omega Zodiac is a new browser MMORPG based on Ancient Greek and Nordic mythology. This fascinating free online game carefully blends traditional role-playing gameplay with stunning visuals and immersive storyline. 
Explore the world of ancient mystery, challenge the evil Gods, and use the power of Zodiac to protect the Goddess Athena!

When Gods Fight each other, wars arise in the mortal world

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be the hero of the ancient stories? In Omega Zodiac, you get to be a mortal hero, caught in the middle of the War of the Gods. Treacherous Hades along with Poseidon and Ares launch a hideous attack on the sanctuary of Athena. Fortunately, the Gods of the Nord are here to lend a helping hand. Fight alongside your allies and defeat bloodthirsty Khazras to save the Goddess and become a Divine Guardian!

The world of myths and legends

From the Divine Sanctuary high above clouds to the underground caverns deep within, the world of Omega Zodiac will amaze you with its stunning beauty. Explore majestic temples, centuries-old forests, forsaken crypts, and vibrant cities. Get to know powerful gods of the old: Zeus the Thunder-bearer, Loki the Trickster, Poseidon the Lord of Oceans to name but a few. Engage in combat with vile demons, ruthless mercenaries and powerful beasts. This world is yours to explore. 

The chosen one 

In Omega Zodiac, you get to pick one of three classes:

  • Knight — a master of sword and armor. Deadly in close combat. Be on a frontline and crush your enemies with sheer strength.
  • Mage — a keeper of dark arts. Blood of Dragons rushes through his veins. Unleash the power of your wand and lay waste on the hordes of enemies.
  • Archer — a natural-born hunter. Shoots her arrows with deadly precision. Your enemies won’t even know what got them.

But how a mere mortal can challenge the Gods? Omega Zodiac offers a unique Sacred Set system to empower your character. Collect the Star Maps to activate the Set and assemble powerful Sacred Equipment to increase your Battle Rating and develop your abilities. 

The grand adventure 

In this feature-packed free MMORPG, your possibilities are limitless. Complete the quests to enjoy the epic story, explore the beautiful world of Omega Zodiac and save the Goddess. Explore the Dungeon Hall and Holy Realm to level up your character and get your hands on powerful equipment. Create or join the guild to challenge World Bosses, get access to guild-only content and find new friends. 
So what are you waiting for? Start playing Omega Zodiac now and embrace the world of adventures!

Key features:

  • State-of-the-art visual and sound effects; 
  • Innovative character leveling system featuring Sacred Sets;
  • Nine Combo Skills for each class, tailored to fight against different enemies;
  • Guild system and World Bosses.


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The graphics are just WOW!